White represents listening as a manifestation of one’s identity.

A white t-shirt accepts your style and personality, respects you and always supports you, for who you are, your identity. Everything starts from white, this world of colour, this soothing, ritual, sweet, caring obsession. White isn’t just a colour, it’s a philosophy.
Our t-shirts are for those who know who they are and know what to say, they don’t need to flaunt, they’re for those who talk about substance. Our clothes are democratic, but not for everyone. Sexy and virginal.


They are ordinary women, our women: they are girls, mothers, workers, grandmothers, obstinate dreamers, pragmatic and courageous female travellers. They are not overpaid models: they are real everyday women. As in their perfectly imperfect lives, sometimes with a few more wrinkles, or with insecurities where wrinkles have not appeared yet.

They are exactly like you, always rushing through life due to plans, duties and interests, but never going out without mascara, getting the tram in the morning or riding your bike and only coming back home in the evening. They are women who love beautiful things and who know how to recognize the details that make the difference. They are sophisticated and feminine women, who love discreet elegance, a timeless, crisp and essential style, just like you.

We are obsessed by wearability.

Each curvilinear, angular, androgynous or maternal, mature or still unripe body expresses the essence and fragility of a woman, what she is or what she will become. We observe her body in its movements, its form, its walk, its peaceful or restless femininity, whether manifest or hidden. The search for the fabric, its quality, the calibration of the measurements and, sometimes, breaking the rules, are essential for us to achieve a respectful formal balance capable of enhancing the forms.


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