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According to the definition of the dictionary WEARABILITY is the attitude of a garment to fit a person.
If it were tailor-made it would be absolutely perfect for the body of the woman wearing it and this is what I want even for my creations. The size of any individual item is first reasoned and then felt with the body, observed when worn, carefully calibrated together with the model maker, the fit is not a casual value. I desire that every woman feels comfortable and valued wearing my garments, therefore we care about two different aspects: the line and the adherence of the garment itself. In short, we understand how to make somebody feels good.


The value of craftsmanship and manual skills
My deep belief has its roots in a soul made of craftsmanship and manual skills. Attention to details is what creates a clear fine difference between a large number and a selection. And, in the same way, it is within this aptitude that what is an essential value for us, namely HUMANITY, is expressed. Women and craftswomen follow one another from the design to the creation of the pattern, up to the finished garment, thus enriching our creations with steps like points with a unique value called CREATIVITY. In a melting point between industry and craftsmanship, our garments live through time.


I love fabrics with personality
I carefully choose the materials, for this reason I need peace around. I always wish my creations have something special and unique that will satisfy my sense of beauty. I love fabrics with personality. I close my eyes while I touch the cotton, the touch must not be influenced by sight, then I observe how it falls and the softness of its reflections. Our cotton is dense, present, full-bodied and silky at the same time. The linen, of which I love transparency, is different. I look at it against the light, I choose it for the finesse of its yarn. The flaming of the linen is something seductive, it has an intriguing transparency with a subtle see-through game.. The thread of Scotland has a silky shine that characterizes it, it is elegant and refined, even if it is not for everyone. It is a fabric that comes from the past, has an ancient flavour that reminds me of my father, with the undisputed elegance of earlier times. The poplin is perfect, I couldn’t define it in any other way. I throw it and wrinkle it, it is fresh, always impeccable. Before each production Ire-evaluate all the fabrics, looking at them with emotional detachment, they are my first choice of quality!


Observe, listen, perceive, smell, let yourself flow…. Research is a complex of creative activities, it is a mixture of listening, spirit and knowing how to grasp the essence of the surrounding beauty. Cultural and temporal contaminations, modern items and those from the past that become humus. Nothing is taken for granted, nothing is the sort of past that cannot become renewed contemporaneity. The body listens to its movements, experiences everyday life, it listens and defines its own idea of quality and comfort.


Beauty, in most cases, coincides with simplicity. Simplicity is not a paucity of ideas, but a synthesis of exuberant things. When simplicity surrounds people, everything is clearer, it is possible to understand beauty, and it is as if every human quality is intensified, enhanced to its utmost expression.

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