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Highly qualified Italian productions

I deeply love my job and I want my creations to have something more. I deeply believe in truth and respect and as long as I am here I want to create beautiful things, respectful of the Earth. I look for materials that express themselves and through themselves, free of colours and frills, exactly like the women who wear my “white”. My choice is therefore for natural materials in harmony with nature.

Our COTTON comes from high-quality yarns to which a special finish has been added that consists of the removal of imperfections and the cleaning of the fibers of the fabric, thanks to which it acquires a clean, silky and slippery hand.

OEKO-TEX certified fabric.

FILOSCOZIA® is subjected to a complex cycle of processes that strengthen the natural characteristics it has as a noble yarn, including twisting, singeing, mercerisation and unwinding. Mercerisation is process that renders fibres strong, makes them non-shrink, glossy and improves their absorption. The result is a glossy, tenacious and resistant yarn that allows heat exchange to take place between the skin and the environment, promoting a sense of freshness and well-being on the body.

OEKO-TEX certified fabric.

The LINEN we choose for our garments has been woven with a fine yarn with a title 1.28 100% li (particularly difficult to find), which makes it compact by elevating the quality of the jersey. After dyeing it is put in stability, that treatment makes it more stable during washing.

POPLIN fabric derives its name from the French (pronounced popelin), which originally signified a fine, heavy fabric for use in the winter, made of wool, cotton or silk, produced in the 14th century in Avignon, the pope’s then residence, to whom it was exclusively supplied, hence the original name ‘papaline’. Poplin is subjected to a sanforization process that increases its dimensional stability, thereby creating an ‘ennobled’ capable of retaining its characteristics over time.

OEKO-TEX certified fabric.