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I BASICI is a collection of essential items of clothing. T-shirts made of minimal vibrations, reminiscent of revisited classic pieces. Clothing deprived of all superfluous details by a process of subtraction and refinement. Our t-shirts are the result of a delicate procedure involving purification – finishing – refinement – care.
We focussed on the essential to achieve a balance between practicality and grace: Shape and Details


DONNA ITALICA is an exclusive, rich and captivating collection, a tribute to Italy with its contrasts of land and sea, rich in dialects, know-how, beauty and art. Our aim was to convey elements of what makes it truly unique, its traditions.
The core of this collection is the typical lace made in Valsesia since 1400, the “Puncetto”, which was added to traditional costumes, and now becomes a unique and inimitable detail of our clothing.

Photo by: Michela Fradegrada @michelafradegrada