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We hereby affirm that the magnificence of the world has been enriched
by a new beauty, the beauty of respect.

We need to stop shouting, to speak kindly. To start again from silence, to listen, to recognise the value of people. We are saturated with ancient values that we shout at the world without hesitation. We want a return to values, true ones. A return to tradition, a journey through the contemporary. We want to glorify respect, union, the value of one’s word, ethics and morals.

White represents listening as a manifestation of one’s identity.

A white t-shirt accepts your style and personality, respects you and always supports you, for who you are, your identity. Everything starts from white, this world of colour, this soothing, ritual, sweet, caring obsession. White isn’t just a colour, it’s a philosophy. Our t-shirts are for those who know who they are and know what to say, they don’t need to flaunt, they’re for those who talk about substance. Our clothes are democratic, but not for everyone. Sexy and virginal.

We believe in an essence made of details as an expression of style.

The beauty of authenticity is expressed through substance and practicality.
Our t-shirts are the result of a process of subtraction and communicate through the nuances of natural fabrics, they whisper through the details of hidden seams, the refined styles, light and type of materials convey their essence. We love the substance of the product and the simple style based on essential lines. Excess and superfluity are not for us. Our white t-shirt is the result of a process of subtraction, leaving space for the rigour of clean lines.

We are obsessed by wearability.

Each curvilinear, angular, androgynous or maternal, mature or still unripe body expresses the essence and fragility of a woman, what she is or what she will become. We observe her body in its movements, its form, its walk, its peaceful or restless femininity, whether manifest or hidden. The search for the fabric, its quality, the calibration of the measurements and, sometimes, breaking the rules, are essential for us to achieve a respectful formal balance capable of enhancing the forms.

We celebrate manual skills as an expression of know-how.

We believe in manual skills, in fine tailoring as a tradition, an ancient value that conveys a form of know-how that is intrinsic to our beautiful country. Knowledge embedded in our DNA and handed down from generation to generation, distinguishing Italy from the rest of the world for centuries.

True quality.

You look at them and would like to touch them, our creations, the materials almost speak, the fluid movements express substance, eternal values and well-deserved silence. It’s a collection made of minimal vibrations, like a monochrome by Yves Klein. We highlight the primordial elements of the careful choice of materials and the obsessive care of the finishes. It’s a continuous process in which every small step is taken to improve their purpose, the details and the pleasure of wearing them.